Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Insert Metadata in Images

Adobe Lightroom, like most image editing and management software, makes use of standardized data attached to the image. This data is called Metadata and represents items such as the camera, exposure values, dates shot, locations, copyright information, job information and a host of other data.

If you are not a professional freelancer a good portion of this data is probably not of value to you. However, some data should be input regardless of the type of photographer you are.

Types of Metadata to Input

For purposes here, there are three types of metadata to input. These are listed below with links to further articles about them.

  • General Data applying to any and all images - i.e., copyright notice and photographer name.

  • Image Location Data applying to all images taken in a certain location, date and / or time.

  • Image Specific Data applying to only one individual image - i.e., a title and caption for the image.

These articles also describe a workflow to integrate adding this metadata in the most efficient manner possible.

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