Sunday, March 2, 2008

Importing - Information to Apply

Part of the Importing Dialog Box in Lightroom is the Information to Apply section.

This section houses the presets that can be applied for Developing, Metadata, Keywords and Initial Previews.

Developing Presets on Import

In Progress.

Metadata Presets on Import

The metadata contains copyright information and other locational information that can easily be setup to post to each image on import. See a description of how to apply this metadata during import.

Keywords Assigned on Import

In Progress.

Initial Previews Assigned on Import

Previews are the pictures viewed in the Library mode. Specifically, the Group mode shows thumbnails of each image and a larger image is seen in the Loupe mode. These images have to be generated for the first time. You can choose how much to generate upon import, although the larger the images generated, the longer the import. I am generally to impatient to see everything, so I choose minimal and then the larger images are rendered as I veiw them. The speed of your computer and how quickly you want to be working will determine your taste for this setting.


There are many significant ways that the developers of Lightroom tried to make the image workflow efficient. Using various presets when importing the images goes a long way towards making the tedious work of imaage management more bareable. Use these presets and spend the time creating them up front. It will payoff in the long run.

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