Monday, October 27, 2008

Smart Collection Workflow - Contents

Simply presenting a file for downloading with a smart collection workflow will not help anyone actually use it. Because smart collections are customizable, I want you to understand each section and how it works. Then you can further customize it for your specific workflow. Here is a list of each section with a link to the corresponding article describing it. Thus, you can use this as instructions for using the Smart Collection Workflow.

NOTE: The download will be added last after all the other articles are written.

NOTE2: This workflow concept was adapted and improved from John Beardsworth's Smart Collection Workflow.

Table of Contents

This represents a start to the Smart Collection Workflow. As Adobe allows a more fully accessed use of the Metadata in Lightroom with Smart Collections, we can add to this workflow.

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Beau A.C. Harbin said...

Looking forward to this series. I have tweaked John's workflow to better match my own but am keen to see what you have put together. Thanks.

Outdoor Images said...

I am sure that I do not have all the items everyone wants in their workflow, but I have reorganized the workflow to easily add and remove steps without disrupting the base framework. I also added some additional filters to help in latter stages. Keep watching!

Jake said...

This is a very useful source of tips! Congratulations. Unfortunately you seemed to have stopped writing about the workflow topic. I was actually hoping to be able to download the whole set of collections, as promised in the post ;) Do you still plan to upload them?

Outdoor Images said...

Jake, thanks for nice comment! Good question: I came across a few challenges, not unlike several that John mentioned, and haven't found workarounds yet.

Having said that, I will post a version over the next 2 to 3 weeks. I have rebuilt the workflow from scratch, so I will update the existing post and work on some others.

Thanks for viewing, and watch for the finished product.

Jake said...

Thank you!